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Ploov is a cordless heating cushion with infrared technology and rechargeable battery

Material — Knitted
Color — Denim Blue
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Ploov is a cordless heating cushion with infrared technology and rechargeable battery. Choose one of the 3 heating levels and enjoy hours of cozy warmth.

Knitted is our romantic knitted fabric, made from a cuddly cotton blend (cotton, acrylic). The back of the knitted cushion covers is not knitted, but made of sturdy cotton.

Style check: the knitted fabric radiates a touch of romance with its look. All the attention is drawn to it with its unique structure. A charming eye-catcher!

Our products are equipped with infrared technology and provide heat wherever and whenever you want. With three different heat settings, you can choose the heat that suits you.

- Level 1: 28/32 C°
- Level 2: 35/39 C°
- Level 3: 38/42 C°

You can take and use the wireless heated cushion anywhere. The battery charging time is on average 2-4 hours. A Stoov has two different sides. The front, which becomes wonderfully warm, in a colour and fabric chosen by you. The back, which does not get warm.

Download the manual here.
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You can simply wash the cushion cover in the washing machine.

  • Do this at a maximum temperature of 30 ̊C
  • Do not use bleach
  • Do not iron
  • No chemical cleaning
  • Do not tumble dry

Note; the inner pad must not be washed.

Heat source 12w
20x23 cm FIR carbon fiber with overheat protection
Heat levels
34ºC / 38ºC / 42ºC (@20ºC)
Li-Ion 10.8V - 2600mAh or 4500 mAh
Dimensions inner cushion
Outer cover material
90% cotton / 10% polyester
Dimensions box
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The sustainable corporate gift from Stoov®

Stoov® heating products are a great way to thank your employees or business partners while minimizing your environmental impact. Give them the gift of cozy warmth with Stoov® heating products, and let them know their hard work truly matters.

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Smart design & technology

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If you use a Stoov® your body temperature will rise, while your surroundings will feel cold. We create vibrations within the infrared waves by connecting infrared heating pads with low voltage.

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What to expect...

...from our Stoov® heated cushions.

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