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Saving energy with Stoov

A heated outdoor patio allows guests to stay outside longer and you to maximise your outdoor and indoor capacity.

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Traditional heating options such as gas heaters are often inefficient in terms of heating, energy consumption, costs, as well as making the best use of limited space. They emit heat into the air rather than directly to guests, making them a not so sustainable choice.

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Smart solutions by Stoov

Stoov offers you a clean and efficient alternative that requires less investment than traditional patio heaters (electric, natural gas, butane gas).

Saving on your energy bill

Turning down your thermostat is not only better for your wallet, but also better for the environment thanks to reduced CO2 emissions! A heating cushion or a blanket alone might not be the solution to the climate crisis, of course, but it does help.

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Set6 Black 40x40 cm | Outdoor
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Safe & cordless

All Stoov heating products have a rechargeable battery and are therefore cordless. The user can control the desired temperature at any desired time.

Reduced CO2 emissions

By consistently turning down your thermostat while offering the warmth of Stoov heating products, you reduce your energy emissions and contribute to a better environment.

Increase you revenue

You can easily extend the amount of time your guests spend outside on your terrace with our smart heating solutions. Increase your revenue by keeping your guests comfortable and warm for longer with Stoov!

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I have a business in hospitality. What is the business case for me?

If you use a traditional heater for 4 hours a day during the winter months to heat 6 people per heater, you can make the following calculation:

  • Energy cost of 6 Stoov cushions: €16.56
  • Energy cost of one electric heater: €780.00
  • Energy cost of one gas heater: €1113,00

Turn down the thermostat and keep your guests warm with Stoov

Our heating products are specially designed for the hospitality sector and are very resistant, sustainable, and easy to be implemented in the daily logistics.

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What are the benefits of using Stoov's heating products?

Our smart heating cushions, seat-cushion and blankets offer you:

  • the ultimate comfort & warmth for your guests (up to 9 hours of warmth)
  • increased terrace occupancy (15 — 20% is the feedback we receive from our clients)
  • lower heating costs for your business (1,7 cent per battery charge)
  • efficient heating — the person using the Stoov receives the warmth and not the air around them
  • strict safety standards: automatic overheating & battery protection
  • long product life: our products are meant to be used for several seasons (> 3–4 years) due to high quality materials
  • one step further in the right direction: make your business more sustainable by saying "no" to Gas heaters