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General questions

We try to provide as much information as possible to answer most questions about our products. That's why we've collected a lot of videos about how to use a Stoov.
You can find them on our youtube channel. Click here.
From 'how to' videos to the creation and operation of a Stoov heating cushion.
Our products have gone through a lot of developments since the foundation. In order to offer our Stoov fans the best quality. That's why we're working hard on new videos that explain how to use and operate your Stoov heating pad or blanket.

Our older videos are still visible, since they will help to get you started. Therefore, you may, however, come across some 'old' models that are no longer available. We are working on creating new videos with current videos, so new videos that are completely up-to-date will be available soon. Stay warm!What technology does Stoov use?

Stoov works slightly different from other heat pillows or blankets. That makes our products extra special and you will notice that you will benefit from this more than just a nice heated pillow, so double the benefit!

Unlike other heating elements in a pillow or blanket, Stoov works with infrared heat. This is a form of heat radiation that heats the body from the inside. The radiation is not visible to the human eye, but it is palpable because it generates heat. The infrared rays penetrate deeper into the skin, up to 4 cm. This warms the body from the inside out and makes it feel like you are lying in the sun on a hot summer day. It may sound strange, but it is completely safe. It is even safer than a normal heating cushion, because the Stoov cushions are built-in with a timer and thermostat and will turn off automatically when the product gets too hot! Simply put: Stoov pillows and blankets have the same heating effect as when you are out in the sun, even when it is raining and storming outside!

More than just heat: Infrared has more good effects than just a nice warm feeling. In addition to heating, infrared light has been proven to improve blood circulation, reduce pain, reduce joint stiffness, reduce inflammation, and revitalize the skin.

Yes, our products are safe to use (also for pets).

We take your safety seriously. That is why every product is equipped with an overheating protection thermostat. The thermostat will temporarily turn off the heat generation when the actual temperature in the heating element becomes too high. This will prevent your Stoov from running at too high temperatures.

Every Stoov also has an Auto-off function, which turns the product off automatically after 8 hours of use.

Although our products are tested and safe to use, we do not recommend people with a pacemaker to use our products or women during their pregnancy. The appliance must also not be used by persons insensitive to heat and vulnerable persons who are unable to react to overheating. When in doubt, please contact a medical specialist to be sure.

Our Ploov's are suited for any interior, and are perfect for back support. If you prefer to have a heated seated area, the One Premium is best suited for your needs. If you can't choose, why not go for a Big Hug (XL)? Our Big Hugs come with a heating area for both your lower back and your seated area and fit perfectly over a chair or on the couch. 

You can put the Big Hug on your chair to warm yourself. The Big Hug XL fits well with a somewhat larger office chair.

Our Homeys target any area that need a little extra attention. This versatile product is easy to take with you, and can be used for any purposes!

You can also style your Stoov, with a cover of your choice.

Here at Stoov, we understand that style is personal. That is why we offer the opportunity to pick a cover for your Stoov that suits you.
Our signature line comes in many different colours, and will suit any household.
If you are searching for a more refined look, our Knitted line offers a fine alternative.
Our premium line is designed by Sunbrella, and is made of 50% recycled material. The premium line is best suited for outdoor purposes, as it is designed to withstand sun and to repel water and dirt.

Our Woolly is made of a soft woollen fabric and gives an extra cozy and warm feeling to your home.

Based on early-october electricity prices in the Netherlands and Germany, the charging of the 2600 mAh battery costs 1,7 EUR Cent and therefore 6,21 EUR per anno, if it’s charged once per day.

The 4500 mAh battery costs 2,9 EUR Cent per recharging, therefore 10,59 EUR per year.

The best heating time-battery-efficinecy ratio; we could make the heating elements as big as the cushion/ big hugs, however a lot of warmth would be wasted. The warmths does not radiate, and you only feel it when leaning against it, or holding it against your body, due to the infrared heating technology. If the pad was bigger, it would cost more energy and lead to less heating time and it could not touch your body. 

Stoov does not offer the personalization of products. however, you have a choice of many different products, colors, and materials. We hope you will find something that matches your needs. 

Stoov allows you to add your company logo to our products. However, the Stoov logo needs to remain unchanged. We also recommend adding your logo on the outer edges of the cushion. Furthermore, we advise you to have your own supplier add the logo (embroider or print) to the product to guarantee a simple handling. Logos have already been added to our Original and Outdoor. 

Stoov does not offer the service to add cards or any other items to the box. However, every Stoov box includes a sticker-card on which you can add a personal wish when you give it to someone and put it on the outside of the box. 

Stoov does not offer to wrap the product boxes in gifting paper. However, the box itself is not a clean carton box, it has various Stoov product shapes on it.

A heated outdoor patio lets guests stay longer outside and consume more, the outdoor & indoor capacity can be utilized at its maximum. 

Traditional heating options are not ideal in terms of heating, energy consumption, cost and utilization of already limited square meters. Stoov offers a healthy, efficient alternative which breaks even quickly and which is less of an investment than traditional terras heaters (electrical, natural gas, butan gas).

About the product

On our B2B online portal:

1. Go to the product of your choice

2. Fill in your details

3. Receive Login details and log-in

4. Select your product(s)

5. Click on the large "Add to cart" button

6. You are now being directed to your Shopping Cart

7. Check your Shopping Cart and click on “Quote” to continue.

8. Receive Quote as PDF

9. Click on “Order via Sales” or send an email to

10. Quote will be sent to Sales dept. that will contact you and places the order

11. You will receive a confirmation email

12. Pay according to your payment method

13. Congratulations, you placed an order!

14. Products will be shipped to you within 14 days

15. You will get a confirmation mail with all the info of your order/ shipment

16. Enjoy Stoov!

Please note that without payment, products cannot be reserved for you and your order will not be shipped to you. Within the next couple of months, you will be able to order the products yourself, as we are currently developing our B2B platform.

Stoov works with payment upfront. We accept the following payment methods: 

iDEAL, Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Giropay, Maestro and bank transfer.

Unfortunately, an order can no longer be changed or cancelled after it has been confirmed. For information regarding returning your Stoov, please check the return page here.

The scale pricing discount is automatically applied to your card when you enter the products.

Your delivery includes all the items you need to get your Stoov up and running. This includes:

- The Stoov product of your choice (inner cushion, cover)
- The battery size you ordered
- Charger (EUR-plug)
- User Manual


Shipping costs are calculated in the price of the products.

Sorry about that. We are constantly working on providing enough stock for everyone. If a product is temporarily unavailable, please contact our sales department here ( for options and more information.

Stoov works with different stores, one for consumers and one for business customers. However, feel free to order via the consumer store if there is enough quantity for your order.

Stoov will send the ordered products within 14 days after receiving the payment. If it is really necessary, we can agree on a delivery date.

In our consumer webshop, you can order the product you like to test and return within 30 days.

Stoov does not offer returns for business customers. However, an exception can only be made with Stoov’s permission in written form. If you would like to receive a product sample before ordering, please refer to “How do I order a sample”. 

Please contact our customer service via the following emails: (EN) (DE) (NL)

Your staff member must name your company, then the customer service can help them.

Please return your product within 3 months after delivery  to Stoov. The faulty Product(s) will then have to be sent to Stoov. If the cause of the defect lies with Stoov, it will pay the shipping costs of the defective Product(s). When the cause of the defect lies with the Counterparty, the latter will pay the shipping costs of the defective Product(s).

At the moment Stoov offers its products via Premium Retail in the Netherlands and Germany and is not looking for new retail/ reselling partners. If you would like us to contact you once we are adapting our reseller strategy, please register here

Please contact our marketing & press department via the following e-mail: or click here for further information