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Offer sustainable warmth

Sustainable terrace heating with Stoov

Are you prepping your terrace for the colder summer days and nights? Stoov's durable heating cushions are the solution. They warm your guests directly, instead of the air around them.

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Increase your revenue

Increase your revenue by keeping your guests comfortable and warm for longer with Stoov! You can easily extend the amount of time guests spend outside on your terrace. With Stoov's outdoor heated seating cushions, guests are comfortably warm for hours. With the Set6 you'll be able to charge 6 cushions at once.

See what our clients have to say...

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Saving energy with Stoov

Lower your energy costs significantly with our heating products. A Stoov heating product is up to 21 times cheaper than the usage of gas heaters during the winter! Sounds good?

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Make the terrace season longer

Let your guests enjoy their stay on your terrace. By offering warmth to your guests, you can lengthen the time they spend on your terrace. Research shows that you'll increase your revenue by 15-20%! Take a look at our Big Hug and share the warmth with your guests.