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A sustainable milestone: Stoov is a B Corp

Our impact is being recognised. We are honoured and proud to announce that we are now officially B Corp certified.

Stoov's journey to the B Corp Certification

Here at Stoov, we do everything we can to contribute positively to our environment: we take responsibility for the way we run our business and pay attention to how we manufacture our products. To achieve the B Corp Certification, a strict impact assessment must be carried out. For the assessment there is a minimum score of 80 points out of 200. We are very proud to have achieved a score of 95.7.

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What is B Corp?

B Corp represents a global community of companies dedicated to the highest environmental and social standards, with 'B' standing for 'Benefit for all.'
To achieve certification, a company must:

- Achieve high levels of social and environmental performance (every three years the assessment must be carried out again)
- Make a legal commitment by transforming its governance structure to be accountable to all stakeholders
- Demonstrate transparency and disclose information about their performance

The 5 B Corp impact pillars

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1. Governance

- We have established an internal impact team that sets specific goals and integrates our impact strategy into the overall company mission.
- We set targets and goals to manage our growth and ensure we are aiming for the right results.

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2. Employees

- We focus on the satisfaction of our employees by contributing to their financial security, promoting a healthy work environment, investing in their professional development and organizing team events to foster a warm atmosphere among our employees.
- We embrace the diversity of our employees to promote inclusivity within our Stoov team.

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3. Community

- We have implemented a supplier policy that includes additional conditions to ensure high standards.
- We maintain our local operations in sheltered workplaces.

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4. Environment

- We are working on technical innovations for safer and more extensively certified products. We have integrated a rocker switch into our products to give our customers more control over the switching on and off of their Stoov.
- We have continued to use a high percentage of recycled materials.

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5. Customers

- We provide more information to our customers to encourage them to make the best use of their Stoov products and reduce their energy consumption.
- We maintained a high level of customer satisfaction, with a score of 97,5.

Want to know more?

For more information on our B Corp journey, check out our B Corp profile!

Warmth meets a mission

When using a Stoov heating product you heat yourself in an innovative and efficient way, rather than heating the entire space around you. This not only saves energy but also reduces your carbon footprint. Yet, our dedication to making a positive impact goes beyond just the product. It includes how we handle resources, manage the supply chain and the amazing team that makes Stoov possible.

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Our next goal

At Stoov, we never lose sight of our core mission: We warmpeople, not the planet. Ultimately, we aim to be carbon neutral by 2030.

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Our Impact Report

Read more about our impact and our accomplishments in our Impact Report.